Dears , 

- I need your Help Urgentley .

- I have a PTP-250 Link inside My ISP Network .

- The total Bandwidth on the Link is 112 Mpbs .

- The Link shos that the TX & RX are  more than 120 Mbps .

- We face high packet Loss when the Bandwidth on the Link reaches 40 Mbps which affect our customer badly .

- You can check the attched snapshots .

Ping Remote ANtenna :


PE#ping X.X.X.X re 1000 size 1500

Type escape sequence to abort.
Sending 1000, 1500-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:
Success rate is 97 percent (783/806), round-trip min/avg/max = 4/41/212 ms

Two things I'm seeing... one, you're using very old firmware on both radios... I'd update that. Second, the peer side in the pictures signal is occasionally dropping down to -95, which is a really really bad signal. I'd try to figure out why the peer side's signal is dropping so low occasionally.

Hi Refaat

Just a couple of things I'm seeing at the captures you upload it.


Your using 5700 channel (140) 


Your Link is up with -72 Dbm (Means Signal Strength)


Your Path shows 9.6 Km according to your captures.


According to the spectrum analyzer capture:

Master  has -72 Dbm (Co-channel and Adyacent-Channel Interference)

Slave (Peer) Has -90 Dbm (Seems really good specturm you got up peer site)

Your need to upgrade both Radios Master/Slave to latest version, that being said. gotta use ASO on the Master Side so you will get beter performance up there. 

Any help you need, do not hesitate in contact me.

Best Regards.

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Dear Kevin Cedeno F. ; 

Appreciate to Update me with the  detailed Steps to Overcome this Issue (i'm not a Wireless Engineer , as we are depending on a reseleer who can's solve this Issue , and the Site is very Critical to our Bussiness) .

Also , what is ment by ASO