PTP 300 Deployment

We did our first PTP 300 deployment this week. We have done loads of PTP 400’s in the past but the 300 seems to behave slightly differently in some respects. Ping times seem to be quicker but the link has timeouts in this case.

Hardware PTP 300 5.8 Integrated

This link is around 500 metres deep non line of site through trees

The link loss is relatively low for NLOS 130 dB

The PTP 300 is in close proximity 1 metre to two Proxim MP11’s on the same pole in an otherwise very low interference area. We are on a clear channel and noted that the Proxims are very bandwidth hungry.

Ping times to the far end radio are 1 -3 mS (seems quicker than PTP400 in that regard)

Link drops packets basically until I lock it down to QSPK achieving about 3.85 MBPS each way

If I allow it the Link will go right up to 64 QAM 12.85 MBPS at times but suffers huge packet loss.

What do you think is causing the packet loss?

The close proximity to the Proxim Radios

Or is this just par for the course on a PTP 300 NLOS link?