PTP 400 network config


Please check me on this, I don’t want to burn anything up.

I am moving onto a new tower and I want to use a PTP400 5.8 series for the backhaul.

Tower A, the Master BH site, has a full DS3 fiber home run at the CMM2 uplink. The CMM2 has an existing cluster of 6 900 AP’s.

Do I plug the PIDU unit lan port to an empty port on the CMM2?

At site B, the BH slave site, I want to run another cluster of 6 900 AP’s behind the BHS.

I have a CMM Micro w/ GPS for that site.

Does the Slave PIDU unit plug into a uplink port on the Micro?

Your help and advice is appreciated.


I do believe you have it right. at your tower with the fiber link, the radio would be on an empty port… on the other tower, that ptp link would be the “uplink” port. If you are using a cmm micro, that will not nessesarily have an “uplink” port. you will, instead, just go into configuration and pick which one you want to be uplink which will create port based vlan for you. Or you can use tagging if you feel it needed. So, yes, your uplink for the CMM will be that ptp to the tower with the fiber.

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I did not want to assume anything.

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