PTP_450 CRC error

Regarding the new PTP_450 installation in the master side we are reciving too high crc erorr,we changed the ethernet idu cable between switch and idu ,but same result and customer complaining the stability of the service .

Hi sameer
you can check the inerrors parameters, the same value as your CRC error, so this is physical layer error, so maybe you can check the ethernet port attribute as auto negotiated between switch and device.

HI,Thank you for you reply .

both side the duplex is same ( auto ) and  switch and ptp_450 reading fullduplex and speed 100 .

we even changed the cable between IDU and switch ,but still problem same .

please advice . will outdoor cable issue give CRC error .


At last after troubleshoot for more than a week ,we solved issue of crc error and Input error . its was mainly surger compressor which is connected in between the radio and switch was faulty  and also we replaced the connector at the radio side .