PTP 450 FPGA error

Hello Cambium Guys!

Today I unpacked 2 brand-new PTP450 antennas (C054045B001A), powered them up and see this message:

2015-04-21 15_24_17-MARCO-PG-PC - Connessione Desktop remoto.png

Since I read the bulletin report FSB 9058:

I tought the problem was in the firmware loaded in factory.

So I used CNUT 4.8 to update the firmware, but no update was possible, since I received this error:

I tried again with various fw revisions:


with no success.

Please note that the fw revisions the antenna ships with is 13.2.1:

The question is: am I doing something wrong?

And also: what's the meaning of "Upgrade to system version" ?

Thank You

Hello Tac,

Can you contact me off listat at  We have a SW version,, that will fix this problem for you.



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