PTP 450 hardware.

Hi forum users.
We have recently noticed the PTP450 solution.
We believe the connectorized version may be suitable to a large variety of our network’s needs.

A few technical questions.
1. Is the PTP450 based on a Atheros chipset with standard 52 subcarriers aka EPMP 1000?
2. What makes this product better than the 1000 range (Better / faster DSP’s etc)
3. Is the PTP450 a direct derivative of the PMP 450 series hardware / DSP / asic wise?

We value the PTP600 /PTP 500 series’ resilience and performance in high interference deployments.
How close should the PTP450 series get to PTP500-full license in performance levels in real world situations.

Thank you for your time.

PTP-450 is a derivative of the PMP-450 platform. You can expect the same differences as between the PTP-100 and PMP-100 FSK gear.

PMP-450 is not WiFi-based. Everything that’s different between the ePMP series and PMP-450 also applies here.

Thank you salad.

Is there any source of information detailing differences between ePMP1000 and PMP-450?
Thank you.

No single document I’m aware of, I’d suggest starting with the product pages and reading the marketing info for each platform.

PTP 450 is coming very soon.

You may get the spec-sheets here: