PTP 450i more details.


Someone who has in production could pass on more detailed information about the PTP 450i's performance as troughput that have achieved link latency stability with plenty of traffic and interference levels. I need to do a PTP short distance thing of 1500 meters, at the moment it would be for 150 mbps but with future increases in speed. If it is also possible to use more than one PTP in the same tower with this equipment at the same frequency?

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Hmmmm what band? If it's in 5GHz... you might want to consider looking at the PTP650 for that much throughput.

Yes, it is possible to use more then one PTP on the same tower at the same frequency using back to back frequency reuse... there are various ways to provide a sync source for the radios on the tower (CMM, CTM, Sync Injector, uGPS, master/slave timing, etc). If you use high gain dishes with high F/B ratios, you can even do things like 90deg seperation (instead of the typical 180deg seperation for frequency reuse).

Have a look at the PTP 650 but the price is 3 times more expensive than 450i for 150 mbps more!? And if the PTP 450i actually achieves the 300 mbps as announced in the specifications would be great at the moment, until the 300 mbps already doubled my number of clients in the network and then yes could go for a solution of more troughput.

Yes 5GHZ.

Sounds like you have solution!

ptp450i is great for starting capacity. we have one dedicated 100 mbps custumer on ptp450i, and another one on ptp650.(same tower)

650 is far more eficient. it uses 20 Mhz for delivering 200 agregate. 450i uses 40 Mhz.

It depends on how much spectrum you have avaliable.

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well did you bought the PTP 450i and what were your results?