PTP 450i Reranging every day at same time?

I was checking one of our new 450i PTP links in the session tab and noticed that its session time was only a few hours.  I thought this was odd so I started exploring why this seemed to be and found out that the BH was "reranging" every day and at the same time every day.  The BH is not reporting that it is re-registering but showing this:  


I'm trying to figure out why this seems to happen every day at the same time.  Anyone have any idea?

I’m just guessing, but this could be related to the security setting for refreshing the encryption key every 24 hours. I’m not sure how that shows up in the logs though.


You're right.  There is a setting for a 24hour key refresh.  I'll disable that for a day or two and report back.  Thanks!

That worked.  Disabled key refresh and reranging stopped.  Thanks!


Awesome news!!  Thanks.  We fought with that years ago in the PTP100 system.  I can't remember what the log messsages would say, but I know the reg counts were always going up.