PTP 450i version 20

On the support page, the current firmware version for PTP 450i is

However, in cnMaestro it shows all of the way to version 20. I assume this is because cnMaestro still sees a PTP 450i link as a PMP AP with 1 SM.


  1. What is the recommended version for PTP 450i
  2. Will an upgrade from cnMaestro to ver 20 fail?
  3. Are there any benefits to going to ver 20 on a PTP link. Higher PPS would be nice!

All 450 products, including the PTP’s are supported by the same firmware line, this includes the newly released R20 line.

You can update from cnMaestro, or CNUT (make sure you have the newest version installed).

I’d highly recommend you update your PTP450i to R20 as you will get some significant performance enhancements, like much higher PPS processing, automatic transmit power control (ATPC) and intermediate modulation modes (IMM)… to name just a few of the many new features and bug fixes.