PTP 500 lite, Aiming mode signal different than operational

We have a rough link, high noise, 22 miles only half a freznel zone. We used a PTP 500 lite set with Radiowaves High performance shielded skirt dual pole dishes. When we have these things in aiming mode we get as good as 68 dbm, but right when we switch it to operational it goes to 72-74. Our partner company provided these to us and says they dont think its supposed to do that, but not sure why its happenning. They are in contact with Motorola on this, and tweaking this link.

This is just an awful, but critical link, it modulates constantly between 14 and 38 meg, we have noise all around, our other gear is a big part of it. The grounding is bad at both locations, but Im not sure how much grounding actually comes into play on link performance.

any ideas?

Is is possible that in alignment mode the radio uses a lower (lowest) modulation?

Lower the modulation to 14dB and run it at max power possible. If you need more BW use a different band.

Jerry is right.

In alignment mode (PTP400 and PTP600) use BPSK 1/2 and transmit at 25 dB. Once the modulation increases, the tx power decreases.

So you are seeing high signal level during alignment mode and lower in actual environment.


this particular link is in such a bad locale that the extra 4 or 5 db would be nice to have