PTP 500 wireless link down until slave power cycled

We have had a couple occasions where a wireless link is working fine until the master radio loses power for a period of time due to an outage. Power comes back and the master is up but the wireless link does not establish until someone visits the slave and power cycles it. Both the master and slave are running 58500-05-04 code. Once the link is back up and we can get on the switch that the salve is patched into we can see the ethernet port had gone up/down many times while the slave reboots looking for the master. But it is like it decides to give up instead of continuing. Has anyone else come across this and found a solution? 

Could it be this?

Thanks for the reply. The wireless link is established ok until such time as the master radio loses power for a bit then comes back up and now wireless doesn't establish until the slave is powercycled. This lower center frequency attribute would not change during this time.

Is the lower center frequency the same on both the master and the slave?

Have you changed the lower center frequency from default?


Actually, the link is set to fixed frequency. I should have mentioned that earlier.

I suggest that you contact our customer support:

Be prepared to provide diagnostic information and LINKPlanner files!

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful!