PTP 550 Cannot ping bridged mgmt interfaces while directly connected

I have 2 new ptp550 running 4.4.2. They’re communicating fine, but I can’t ping or access their bridged network address of (I’m on I can only access the default address of Any suggestions


1. what is the ip address of your laptop/station management station, MASTER and SLAVE radio? PLs. 2x check subnet mask configuration for all your elements.

2. can you access your web management interface via, are you seeing a registered endpoint PTP550 under your status page JUST to confirm if you do have a wireless link between your PTP550? You may use the ping TOOL  through your ( radios web management interface to verify bridge connectivity.

3. have you changed your management access in your MASTER radio to ETHERNET & WIRELESS? pls do if you are accessing from the SLAVE side.