PtP 550 Channel Bonding Chains out on both radios

Hi all, I have a chain mismatch on a 550 link in dual radio mode… using 40mhz in 5.8 and using 20mhz in 5.1… is this maybe why? Using a 34db dish on both ends.

What do you mean by ‘chain mismatch’? Can you describe the issue in more detail or post a screen shot of what you’re seeing?

Depending on what region you’re in you may have very different EIRP limits for 5.8 and 5.1.

Here is a screen shot

Are both radios showing a similar chain imbalance on the same ports? If yes, then there may be something causing attenuation at the port or on the polarity of the chain that’s degraded.

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Yes they are, that was a shot of the master side. Here is the slave…

I’m not a PTP550 expert, and maybe someone can chime in with more experience, but I’d double check to make sure you’re RF jumpers are of good quality and the connections with the radios are solid. I also prefer to use dual-slant/±45deg polarization on all my 5GHz PtP’s for various reasons which I won’t go into here (because the moment I say something about this everyone is going to jump on me and it will turn into a debate better left for its own post).

To troubleshoot you might also want to swap the connectors on one side and see if the chain imbalance shifts.

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Thanks Eric, Our regional rep/supplier made sure we had good quality RF jumpers.

Sorry for my ignorance but do you mean swapping the H and V Pol RF jumpers on the radio?

Yes… swap jumpers on one side.