PtP 550 Long boot up....15 minutes long

Hi all,

Had a strange occurance, that happened twice, the first was powering down a ptp 550 and when powered back up and wired back up to router there was no activity or connection as per the port indicator lights.  I tried logging in connected directly via the poe rj45 and could not get to the unit, finally decided that it must be that the device is toast and just plugged everything back in as it was before and was going to schedule a climb to take the device down.  After leaving the site about 15 mins had past and I got a notification on Maestro that the other end of that link was back up online, so the device finally booted back up and everything re-established.  This also happend with an epmp 3000, can anyone explain or anyone experienced this?

Where are you located?  Does it happen to be REALLY cold there right now?

The ePMP's do have a really neat feature, which is that they heater in them. If they are really cold (cold to the point where it's dangerous for the electronics which shouldn't be cold started, and where it could cause dew inside) then they can pause bootup - start the heater, get them into 'normal operating temps' and then continue to boot once it's safe for the hardware.  So, if they have been powered off and if they've become very very cold, that could be a case where they'll pause.


I am up in Canada, has been a mild winter but it had cooled off for a few days, I was not aware of those features so that explains everything!! Thank you!