PTP 550 PoE Pinout

Hi all,

I need to know the PTP 550 Poe Pinout to use it with a Passive Surge Protector+INJECTOR.

The injector provides power in mode A: +VDC Pins 1 & 2......-VDC Pins 3 & 6
                                                 mode B: +VDC Pins 4 &5.......-VDC Pins 7 & 8

I'm not sure mode B works good with PTP 550.

Anyone could help me




Hello, the PTP550 is 802.3at compliant (POE+).  You should be able to use either mode on the PSE, but I would definitely test prior to install.  We can't guarantee the quality of the POE switch, which may impact radio performance.

Hi, I am sure I do not understand the POE standards.

I have a Netonix POE switch. It has 2 settings for 48V

A high and a low. The low is at 0.75A and the high is 1.5A. I currently have a ptp550 installed. The LAN ports are only syncing on 100Mbps. Could this be due to too low power? Also on the high setting it gives a warning message stating

“48VH delivers power on all 4 pairs. Using 48VH to power a device not designed to accept PoE on all 4 pair will result in damage to the device and switch.”

Should this be fine for cambium radios?