PTP 550 SFP 1000BaseT and Gigabit NIC behavior

Hello All,

does the SFP port exclude the utilization of the integrated Gigabit NIC or if I plug a SFP 1000BaseT I can use double NIC (Gigabit plus SFP together)?

I would like to plug to different networks to the radio bridge but I’m not sure that I can do that with this model.

Eventually what about PTP 670? It has double NIC gigabit port 1 and 2 plus the 1 x SFP module.

Thank you

Dear All,

do you have any updates on this topic?

From what I understand both the copper ethernet port and the aux SFP port are treated as part of the same bridge group on the radios. From the manual:


From looking around the PTP550 we have deployed, I don’t see any way to define a separate pipe, VLAN’s, or IP mgmt information for the SFP interface.

I believe the PTP670 has much more control as to what you can do with each port.

As far as I understood the 2nd NIC in the PTP670 is suitable for instance to add a CCTV camera.
It seems to be hard to find a 5Ghz AP with double NIC to aggregate two different LANs.