PTP 550 Test Mode Software


I need a little help about PTP550.
we are willing to make a product certificate for PTP 550 in Indonesia, we have registered the PTP 550 and we did the pre-test on Ministry of Communication and Informatics Laboratory with ordinary firmware. but we were failed to past the pre-test because the transmit power are able to set more than 20 dBm with the condition for antenna gain is 0 dBi. the country regulation must not exceed 20 dBm.

is there any software test mode for PTP 550 so we can do the pre-test and past the test with configuration that match with our regulation?


the power limitation is based on the country code selected.

Would you precise the country code selected during your configuration?

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe


I have selected Indonesia on the configuration.
but the transmit power was exceeding 20 dBm which the regulation of Indonesia.

Ahmad Mukhlas Murobbi

Hello Ahmad,

use another European Standard ETSI country like Germany and see if you can meet the regulator power limitations.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

Are you using a connectorized PTP 550 ( does not have a built in antenna so you can connect it to any antenna you want) or a Integrated PTP 550 ( The radio and antenna are one unit ).

If you are using a connectorized PTP 550 then it has no way of knowing how much gain the antenna you connected it to has and depends on you to tell it. So there would be no way to keep someone from telling the radio it has a 0 dBm antenna when it actually has a 40 dBm antenna.

I do not have any experience with Integrated PTP 550 though I would assume it operates like all the other integrated ePMP radios and it will not allow you to lower the antenna gain setting to less than whatever the radio’s antenna gain actually is. Since the antenna is built into the radio it knows what the gain of its antenna is and will not allow you to set the gain lower and will adjust power for that gain antenna depending on whatever regulatory domain you configured.

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