PTP 550E Low performance

Hi all: recently we install the radio PTP550E, I can’t get an acceptable performance. Very low troughputh only 100 mbps, using channel bonding 40mhz. (I expected 500 mbps).
At least using link planner, I got those results.
Anyone had a similar problem? how did you solve it?

Hi @Gustavo1976,

could you turn on spectrum analyzer on master and slave for 10-15 min in detailed mode and post here screenshots?
Also it would be good to see your Performance and eAlign pages.
What is SW version?
All this can give us some clue of what is going on in your setup.

Hi Andrii, yes of course, give a little time

Version 4.6.1 Master and Slave
At the moment im not using channel bonding

@Gustavo1976, you have an interferer on your frequency. Try to switch to some cleaner part of the spectrum.

Hi Andrii: thanks for your response, I will do it.

Additionally Gustavo, your signal isn’t very good. There is the saying that a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link… and it’s also true that a wireless link is only as strong as it’s weakest chain. You have chains which are -80 and -75… so that’ll never give you your best modulations and throughput.


If you really want this to perform well, you’ll want to have ALL your chains around -60, and all well balanced, and an aggregate signal of around -55. The way it is now, a -80 is frankly a nearly non-functional signal.