PTP 650-01-44 and PTP 670-01-44

We are pleased to announce that System Releases PTP 650-01-44 and PTP 670-01-44 are available for download from


650-01-44 contains some small changes built on 650-01-43.

This release provides one new feature: PTP 650 now provides a graphical display of ODU temperature in the Diagnostics Plotter web page. Temperature is measured by a sensor on the printed circuit board, so normally the indicated temperature will be somewhat higher than ambient.

The release also fixes a few problems and limitations:

  • We fixed an error in the SNMP MIB object l2CPPriorityTable
  • We fixed a problem whereby the standard Link Up and Link Down traps were not generated as expected when Lowest Data Modulation Mode is set higher than the default of BPSK 0.63
  • The ODU now works with optical SFP modules with bi-directional fiber and one SC connector.


PTP 650 and PTP 670 will not normally connect in a PTP link. However, we realise that a customer with a PTP 650 network might occasionally need to replace a failed ODU. This is where 670-01-44 is useful.

670-01-44 executes on PTP 670 hardware, but it provides features, performance and wireless interface identical to 650-01-44 on the PTP 650 platform. In effect, 670-01-44 is the PTP 650 firmware compiled for PTP 670 hardware.

To replace a failed ODU in a PTP 650 link, upgrade the remaining good PTP 650 ODU to 650-01-44, and downgrade a new PTP 670 ODU to 670-01-44. Then configure the PTP 670 to duplicate the configuration of the failed PTP 650 ODU.

Note that  670-01-44 is not compatible with the 4.8 GHz to 5.9 GHz frequency variant.

Finally, if you don't need PTP 650 compatibility, many new and exciting features are available using the latest native PTP 670 firmware on PTP 670 hardware.