PTP 650 connectorized, power on without antenna?


is it possible to power on a connectorized PTP 650 without antenna attached?

I would like to power on to familiarize with the GUI but I want to be sure I don't make it useless!

Thank you


Yes, it is possible to power up the PTP650 connectorized radio without an antenna attached or connected.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi

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Thank you for your answer!
Can I simulate a link using two PTP 650 without antennas? Should I check something to don’t damage it?

You should avoid powering up the PTP 650 Connectorized ODU when the RF ports are not terminated because there is a risk of damage to the ODU's RF output stage. Take care to connect an antenna, or a 50 ohm load, or at least a 10 dB attenuator before connecting the unit to a power source.

Also, do not connect two connectorized ODUs together using RF cables without additional attenuation. This will almost always result in damage to one or both of the units.

Having said all of this, PTP 650 can operate with a very high link loss, and open-circuit N-type connectors do radiate to some degree, so if you do power up connectorized ODUs on a bench without a direct cable connection, it is very likely that they will establish a link. That might be useful, but in general this is an unpredictable and uncontrolled test. It's a much better idea to get hold of four 30 dB N-type attenuators and some N-type cables.

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Thank you! So, Vijay’s answer is wrong?

No, Vijay's answer is not wrong. It is possible to power up an ODU with nothing connected. However, you run a risk of damaging the RF power amplifiers, so this is not something that is recommended.