PTP 650 Intermittent link before straight went off


For the past couple of months, we've encountered several times our link went intermittent before it totally went down.

We have checked the cables and everything ok.

Currently, we can only ping one ODU while the other side can't.

Last information from site we received you may refer to attachment including other info such distance.

During our stay at site, we have align the antenna and manage to get 50 RSSI (256 QAM) but after a while it went to 24 RSSI.

Please advise if overheating from ODU that installed inside enclosure could cause for this problem as well.

Appreciate if there are procedure or plan we can follow to troubleshoot this problem.


Your link is operating with a very low received signal (-84 dBm) and very high link loss (174 dB).

As we would expect, it is using the lowest modulation mode (BPSK 0.63).

Likely reasons for this are that the path is obstructed, or that the antennas are not aligned. A good way check for these problems is to complete a LINKPlanner project for the path, and to survey the two sites to check for obstructions in the path.

It's interesting that the Link Loss has increased by about 10 dB since the link was installed. This suggests that the antenna has moved, or that some obstruction has been placed in the path.

Could you please work out the expected Link Loss from the LINKPlanner project please?

Thanks, Mark