PTP 650 LPU and Grounding Kit

Page 2-32 (table 23) of the PTP 650 User Guide implies that a LPU and grounding kit (part # C000065L007) contains 2 LPUs, drop cable, ground cables, glands,U-bolts, etc. However, page 2-33 describes a LPU single end kit for GPS drop cables. The manual does not contain a part number for the single end LPU kit. Does part # C000065L007 include 2 LPUs + accessories, or a single LPU?

Hi Randy

The correct LPU kit to use with the PTP650 is

C000065L007A PTP 650 LPU and Grounding Kit (1 kit per ODU)

You will require one kit for each end of your link, and the kit contains two LPU’s. One should be installed next to the ODU, and the other at the building entry point.

The second section in the manual regarding the “Single LPU kit” is confusing, and I have asked for this section of the manual to be improved.
This section is quite a specific requirement if you need to protect a GPS unit, used with PTP-SYNC. In this case, you only need a single LPU, and this is provided in a single LPU kit, which is used with our PTP500 product. The part number for this kit is

WB2978H LPU End Kit PTP 250/300/500 (2 kits required per Link)



Does it mean I can use the PTP500 LPU for a PTP650 ODU instead?

Hi Gerry,

The PTP 500 LPU provided in the WB2978H kit is not suitable for the PTP 650. The PTP 500 was a 100BaseT product and has different powering and signallinig requirements.

You should use the C000065L007A LPU kit which comes with two LPU's as you should be installing an LPU at both the top of the installation near the ODU and the bottom near the point of entry to the building.