PTP 650 P/N´s


Please I need some more explanation about two PTP-650 Part Numbers:



I´ve could see that both are integrated and RoW versions.

H013A came with power supply, line cord and mounting brackets, but B003A don´t because is a Spare unit.

Is there any other important difference or characteristic to remark?

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Hi Miguel,

looks like you have captured the differences.

the C050065H013A model number comes with an AC-only power supply, EU line cord and a mounting bracket.

the C050065B003A model number is just the radio with no accessories.

Note that we also have the C050065H014A model which includes the AC+DC power supply that is more durable and suited for wider temperature ranges, DC inputs, etc.

There is no functional difference between the radios delivered in these models.  And there is no price difference if you purchase the model that includes accesories or if you purchase the radio by itself and add the individual accessories to your order.

Regards, Bruce

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Hi Bruce,

Thanks very much for your answer and advice.

In this model without any upgrade license, which is the maximum channel bandwidth.

Regards, Miguel

The PTP 650 supports channel bandwidths of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 45 MHz.  The local regulatory requirements may impact what is available in each band.

The PTP 650 comes standard with 125 Mbps capacity which can be upgraded to FULL capacity of up to 450 Mbps capacity.



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Thanks very much Bruce.

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