PTP 650 poor connectivity.

We have tried to deploy our first PTP650  connectorized radio link with 32 dbi solid dish antena but failed as it had very poor connectivity. The link was about 11.2 km. The link was established no ping loss in 10 MHz (10 mbps) channel and severe ping loss in 45 MHz (20 mbps) channel. I have followed installation wizard and change some basic attributes like ip, master slave mode, channel bandwidth, frequency, antena gain, max transmit power was 27 by default. Other attributes were remain same. Receive power level was -84 dbm.

We spent enough time for alignment and radio installation to make sure those would not make any serious issue.
Since i am totally new with PTP 650, what can i do now?

Hi Asif,

Did you use the link planner ( to plan your link? If not, please have a go now, and then post your project file so we can have a good idea of what performance you should be expecting on this link.