PTP 650 Power Consumption

The power consumption for the PTP 650 is officially specified as < 30W.

 The following provides additional detail and also highlights the variables and options for specifying a number below a 27Watt worst case.
·         Baseline power consumption is about 20W (not transmitting)
·         Power consumption doesn’t vary much over radio link distance.
·         Consumption increases by about 20% as the tx power changes from 18dBm to 27dBm.
·         At 27dBm it changes by about 12% over cable length from 0m to 100m.
·         Power consumption increases by about 10% in 2:1 tx symmetry.
Worst case power consumption is around 27W at room temp, max power, 100m cable, 2:1 tx symmetry.
While the average might be 27W, it should be noted that the instantaneous power during transmit would be around 29W.