PTP 650 Power going Down


 i have ptp 650 5.8 Mhz with full license , the link is line of site and working fine but some time the power going down without any reason as showing below , which is effect the link quality during this time , 

can any one help to know what is cause this problem ?

Hi Joe,

When you say "power going down" is this the power-over-ethernet power supply to the PTP 650, or the wireless Receive Power?

You can check the Receive Power using the Diagnostics Plotter. Here's the sort of display to expect:

This example is from a link on a test bench, and the receive level probably won't be quite this steady in your radiating link.

The screenshot that you posted shows that your link is at a fixed frequency of 4950 MHz. The timeseries plots on the right of the display indicate the signal level for a channel centred at 4930 MHz. It's interesting to note that the timeseries pattern is similar at both ends of the link. Do you have any idea about the source of this signal? Could this be another TDD link with a frame rate that is similar (but not identical) to your link?