PTP 670 5.1 GHz stuck at 1 dbm tx power

I hope someone can shed some light on how to fix this. I have a link of ptp 670 that is configured for 5.1GHz 40MHz channel. The maximum tx power is set to 7db but the actual is 1db. Signal on each side is coming in at about -78. This link is LOS and only .60 miles. Interference levels are coming in at about an -84. I really need this to tx at 7db.

Hi Gary,

This link doesn’t sound like it is LOS or has other issues, as even with 1 dB transmit power at 0.6 miles you should be receiving closer to -60 dBm with the PTP 670 Integrated antenna. Have you planned the link in LINKPlanner, our design tool? It is freely available on the Cambium support site at


About 10 minutes after making the change to 5.1GHz it did finally go to an rx of 63.However, the tx and rx rates are only about 80Mbps. Its running at 16QAM 0.87 (Dual). My link planner says I should be at 54 ±5 and an aggregate rate of 411MBps. I know that with interference that will be reduced some but nothing like what I am seeing now. Especially if that TX power was up to 7 on each side. The interference is between 80 and 84, so not that bad.
How do I get that TX power to hold at 7?

Your antennas are actually 80ft off the ground?

One is on my tower and the other is on a tall building on a pole mast. Yes, tower side is 80’ building side is 70’

I don’t know if this helps at all but here is the spectrum expert. I really think if I can get the tx power up, that we’ll be okay.

Does anyone have any ideas for how to fix this link?

Go to the System section and put in the maximum TX power allowed in your region, and then set the “ATPC Peer Rx Max Power” to -35. Do this on both sides of the link.

I’m not sure if this is the cause of your problem, but we have to reduce power quite significantly at the bottom of the 5.1GHz band to meet regulatory restrictions: