PTP 670 Integrated Installation

Hi. Cambium Team.
I would like to know the installation of PTP 670 model C050067H015B PTP 670 Integrated 23dBi END with AC Supply (ROW - EU Line Cord)
What equipment must be used together?
in a point-to-point installation

and the following items are required for installation or not

  • C000065L007B LPU and Grounding Kit (1 kit per ODU)
  • WB3176A 328 ft (100 m) Reel Outdoor Copper Clad CAT5E
  • 30009406002 N-to-N CABLE (16*)
  • 1010419001 Coaxial Cable Grounding Kits for 1/4" and 3/8" Cable
  • 30010194001 50 Ohm Braided Coaxial Cable - 75 meter
  • RDH4503C 5.25-5.85 GHZ, 2-FT (0.6M), WITH FINE ADJUSTMENTS
  • N050067D017A 5.25-5.85 GHZ, 2-FT (0.6M), SINGLE-POL 10.8

Thank You.

Hi, Thanawat.

You can use the linkplanner software to know about equipment to use in a PTP installation.
You can get a BOM (Bill of Materials) of proyect.
Here an example of how to use this grate software!


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Hello Thanawat,
For integrated antenna units, the only thing you need off your list is the LPU/Grounding kits, and the outdoor CAT 5E cable. The other cables, co-ax grounding kits, connectors, and antennas are not necessary. If your CAT 5E cable run is more than 30m, I’d recommend using 2 LPU’s per cable run…one at the ODU, and the other at the base of the tower.

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Thank you for the information. And I have calculated in linkplaner already.

Thank you. Ask for more information. PTP670 supports PoE. How many meters is the distance from the LAN cable? Got 30 meters?

90m on PoE as per industry standard,