PTP 700 Launched Today

Today, Cambium announced the PTP 700, our latest high-performance, ruggedized point to point solution covering both the 4GHz and 5GHz bands in a single radio.  More information here and at the link below.  Let me know here in the community if you have questions regarding this new product. 



Bruce Colllins

Cambium Networks Product Manager

This new platform breaks ground in deployment flexibility and long-term sustainability.  Leveraging the heritage of the PTP 600 with field proven security, ruggedization and performance, the new PTP 700 delivers up to 450 Mbps in a point to point topology.  Significantly, this new solution covers both 5 GHz unlicensed spectrum as well as 4 GHz NTIA/NATO Band IV.  And with the connectorized+integrated configuration a single radio can be reconfigured in the field between the integrated antenna and an external dish as link budget demands change.  Finally, the PTP 700 software roadmap includes the enhancements to support high-capacity multipoint configurations to supplement the point to point scenarios.


The PTP 700 Introduction webinar will be August 4 from 9-10 am, and August 5 from 10-11 pm. Register to attend the webinars HERE.

The recording of the PTP 700 launch webinar is HERE. Please post any questions or comments in this thread.