PTP 800 Bench Testing

Does anyone know if there is a kit available to bench test the new licensed 800 Canopy. I am trying to find a way to connect the ODUs so I can program and test a link without actually connecting them to the dishes. I thought they used a standard waveguide connection by I found that is not the case. I guess the Andrew direct dish mount is a special design.

We configured a set of 18 GHZ ligowave 620’s the other week by just pointing the ODU’s at each other. Split mount slip fit antenna arrangement similar to PTP 800.

I fired them up one by one and made sure the power was turned right down before running them for any period of time or trying to configure them.

They were quite sensative they had to be pointing directly at each other across the room to pair them up.

I always thought this was a No, No but the supplier tolde me it was ok to do it so I did!