PTP 800 - Ping

We are trying to setup our ptp800s.

The 2 units are well connected but “data port status” is down and appears in red on the software.

Other parameters:
The ODU Status is ok
Transmitter status: transmitting
Wireless Link Status: Up

How to set the data port to be in operation?

Hi Romain

It sounds like one of your units will be show “Data Port Status” Up - and be green. This will be the unit that you are connected to directly.

The other unit is showing “down” and this is telling you that there is no device connected to the data port of the PTP800 CMU - router/switch etc. - You are effectively accessing this unit across the wireless link.

This is normal when you are setting up a link and you only have a physical connection at one end.

When you connect a router or a switch to the far end the Data Port should show Up and be green.

Hope that helps