PTP 810 ODU with existing antennas?

We're upgrading from unlicensed 5.8 to licensed lower 6 GHz.  The payload is (and will remain) 1 X T1, hence PTP 810 which supports T1 traffic.  The existing antennas are 6' radiowaves *with waveguide flange* CPR137G.

My belief is that the PTP 810 ODU connects to the antenna via a 'rectangular remec' connector...?  If "yes, this is so", then is there an adapter that will allow for the continued use of our existing antennas?  If "no adapter", any suggestions would be appreciated (save for "buy new antennas!").

Have you tried planning the link in LINKPlanner?

Plan the link with remote mount antennas with CPR137G--this will allow you to connect the antennas to the ODU. You'll need a remote mount kit, flexible wave guide, and flex twist hanger kit. (LINKPlanner puts the correct parts into the Bill of Materials when you plan the link with remote mount antennas. Be sure that you've selected the six foot antenna with CPR137G interface!)

Unfortunately, some of these parts are no longer available to order. You may be able to check distributors to see if they have any remaining in stock.

I hope this helps!


in addion to Dave's post, I think the only critical one is:

07010109008 ODU Remote Mount Kit 6 GHz - UDR70 output

Which was manufactured by Commscope with following P/N

Manufacturer MPN
CommScope Technologies RMK60/RR

if you can find it, you shall get your problem solved.