PTP 820/850 NMS Discovery Procedure

This procedure demonstrates how to discover and manage new devices using the PTP 820/850 NMS.

After installation of the PTP 820/850 NMS is complete, the next step will be to discover PTP 820/850 devices on your network and manage them in the Geographical and Logical perspectives.

Follow the steps as shown below to discover and manage devices.

  1. From within the PTP 820/850 NMS Client, open the Discover Perspective

    Discovery Procedure 1

  2. Click the New Discover Setting button in the upper right of the Discover Perspective.
    Enter the Start and Stop Addresses for a range of IP addresses that includes the devices you wish to discover. Click OK

  3. Save the Discover Settings by clicking the Save icon in the upper right.

  4. Start the Discover process by selecting the newly created Discover Settings and clicking the Run icon. Multiple Discover Settings can be selected and run at the same time.

  5. As radios are discovered, they will appear in the Unmanaged Elements tab at the bottom of the Discovery Perspective.

  6. To manage newly discovered devices, select all devices you want to manage, right click, and select Manage Element(s)

    Discovery Procedure 6

  7. You will be asked to select which domain you want to add the devices into. Select Geographic and click OK.

    Discovery Procedure 7

  8. The newly managed devices will now appear in the Geographic Surveillance Tree on the left of the Discovery Perspective.

    Discovery Procedure 8

  9. To add the same devices to the Logical Surveillance Tree, first open the Logical Surveillance Perspective.

    Discovery Procedure 9

  10. Click the Include Managed Element(s) in the Selected Administrative Domain button above the Logical Surveillance Tree. Select all the devices you want to add and click OK.

    Discovery Procedure 10

Note: If a device’s IP address changes, delete the device from the NMS and complete the discover process again for the new IP address.