PTP 820 Link Issue

Has anyone else experienced an inability to get their 820 links down to expected, regardless of frequency? We seem to only be able to get our links within 10dB or so of the expected signal. Any tips or ideas would be great.

Hello Kyle,

would you clarify:

  1. Which PTP 820 model: 820S or 820C?
  2. Which frequency range?
  3. Which dish size: 0.3 m or 0.6 m, etc?
  4. How far are the points to be linked in Km?
  5. Which signal polarisation are you using?

If now, you cannot reach the expected signal, usually make sure first:

  1. you are aligning the link using fixed modulation at 4QAM lowest modulation scheme
  2. set up the highest transmitted power 20 to 22 dBm during alignment. Depending on the frequency, the PTP 820 radios require a narrow alignment procedure and of course clear line of sight. Align correctly the link while fine tuning the signal also.
  3. Using the right dish based on the frequency and range of the link.

With this I believe once you provide us more information, we will be able to assist you further.
In my case, I had such an issue when we did not setup correctly polarisation between the radio and dish.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

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