PTP 820 Multicast Traffic

New to Cambium and this forum. I would like to hear about any experiences and settings for using the link for primarly video multicast traffic.So far our testing has not yeilded any usable results.

Our setup is a single 820C at each of the two locations. Licensed to use both processors. Unit configured in 11GHz spectrum as 2+0, 80 MHz, 2048 QAM, MCABC is on, Using both radios assigned to single SFP port. Using Cambium SFP's on ODUs. Tried with Multicast Policer both on and off but did not make a difference. For TCP traffic we can acheive 1500 pps through the link but for Multicast traffic we can only acheive 15 pps. Our test multicast stream is a 19.392 Mb/s ASI over IP MPEG ts stream.

The PTP820 link is theoretically an Ethernet pipe so it should not affect throughput performance whether the traffic is broadcast or multicast. You should not have to use traffic policing.

You can use the Ethernet->PM&Statistic->RMON page to determine if the traffic was dropped by the radio or something else.