PTP 820C Dual Core Performance

The need for more bandwidth is a global concern for all companies. Around the world network operators need more bandwidth over longer distances to extend the reach for video classrooms, connect remote offices, or rural connectivity. We all know of locations that need connectivity, but what happens when the products that you have been using cannot bridge the gap?

The PTP 820 licensed microwave has been able to connect places that others simply can’t. I have recently worked with two customers who were looking to establish a 500 Mbps Full Duplex link over a 15 mile (24 km) distance. Other backhaul radios needed to hit 512 QAM or higher to achieve that speed, and neither customer was able to get close to that. The best that the other radios could provide was just 256 QAM resulting in 250 Mbps throughput.

I suggested they look at PTP 820C which uses dual core technology to solve the problem. They looked at me saying it’s physics and if radio “A” couldn’t do it how can Cambium. I explained that with dual core technology, the PTP 820C has two radios in one housing. In addition, it has the ability to run a lower modulation and aggregate the cores on a Layer 1 level. Having each core run at 256 QAM gave them 250 Mbps of throughput per core or a total of 500 Mbps Full Duplex across the link after using MC-ABC.

The customer was thrilled with the throughput results and the added benefit was a higher fade margin and better receive sensitivity than they had with any other system.