PTP 820c ethernet port connection

I have connected the Ethernet port of my ptp 820c to a swicth but cannot access the management IP when I connect my labtop to the switch. Any help?

How have you provisioned your Ethernet services in the PTP 820C?

Out of the box, the unit's management Ethernet service (MNG) is not connected to either Ethernet port ETH1 or ETH2. The unit's management service is connected only to the MGT port, which is a Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) port.

If you'd like to manage the unit from ETH1 or ETH2, you must add a service point to connect ETH1 or ETH2 to the unit's MNG service.

Be careful--if you plan to manage the unit this way (via so-called "in-band management") we recommend that you separate payload and management traffic using individual unique VLANs. This allows you to control the traffic flow--the MNG service can only handle about 100 Mbps, and you don't want to overload it with payload traffic.

I hope this helps!