PTP 820s 1+1 HSB setup not passing traffic

Hello out there PTP 820s users, Just looking for some quick info. Recently installed a new link 1+1 HSB and found that 1 of 2 ODUs on one end had a had different software version. Could that be the reason why one, I’m not passing any traffic to the other end of my link and 2 because software version is different it doesn’t show the other unit when normally you have 2 tabs on your screen GUI showing your active and standby unit when you have a 1+1 HSB setup?

Just note I turned off the odd ball version firmware ODU and did the alignment and such with but still no traffic being able to pass.
Any help is greatly appreciated


Hello Sir,

would you share the Ethernet—>> Services tab configuration of your primary radio? And if possible the configuration of HSB radio.
You need first traffic in the primary radio.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe