PTP 820S Loopback Test Issue

In troubleshooting a PTP 820S link remotely, we turned on the Loopback test on one of the radios.  Since starting the test we can't communicate with the radio through the Ethernet port.  Unfortunately, we don't have the management port connected any longer just the POE/ETH port.  What I don't understand is why the Loopback test shut down the communication to the radio?  I set the Loopback timeout to 10 minutes turned the RF Loopback to on and then hit apply.  I haven't been able to communicate with the radio ever since?

Any help understanding why this happened is appreciated!


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The Loopback feature in the PTP 820 immediately shutdowns the switch port on a Cisco Systems switch.  If you are using Cisco Systems switches and don't have a Manangement cable connection installed, you must unplug your radio from the switch before starting a Loopback test!