PTP 820S MM SFP (N000082L072)

What is the max distance for the MM sfp module and does it support one or all MM fiber types (OM1,2,3, & 4)?

Do you have a spec sheet for this product?



Hi Eric, we have a couple of optical SFP options depending on single mode or multi-mode operation.  I've attached a document that should help with your question.

Thanks Chris,

Can you tell me if it is an LED or LASER SFP?  I am trying to determine which types of fiber it will support like OM1, OM2, OM3, etc...  thanks! 

They are both Laser (single and Multi-mode).  The PTP820 supports industrial rated SFP's.  You can send me a direct email if you need more information.  Chris.Fikert (at)