PTP Aiming a V3000, HOW?

We are going to be attempting our first V3000 PTP link to our V5000 DN (on the “backside” of the DN antenna pattern, back to our fiber source).

I can’t find any information on how we are supposed to aim the link.

With less than 1 degree beam width I am thinking our crew are going to be at a complete loss just attempting to “wing it”.

The only thing I’ve seen is some obscure mention in the paper documents for the precision mount that there is a third party scope to sight it in. Where can that be purchased exactly? What is the part number?

And we won’t get it in by tomorrow, so how the hell are we supposed to get these things to link up in the field at distance (about 400m)?

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Hello Sterling,

Sorry for the confusion regarding alignment. We will shortly be releasing updated software with an alignment tool for streamlining this process.

Firstly, could you please clarify what you mean by the backside of the DN?

Do you have access to the user guide? The alignment procedure is explained in the installation section (chapter 5).

Do you have the precision bracket fitted to the V3000? Please note the bracket can be installed in either orientation depending on which side of the pole is optimal.

If you plan to align the V3000 today and without an alignment scope or tube, you should be able to do so providing the installer is able to get a clear view from behind the unit. The following image was taken by me during a visual alignment of a V3000 to V3000 link at 1250m:

You should be able to see there is a building centered in the middle of the sight.

Please bare in mind, the unit will perform an optimal beam selection during link acquisition. Once the link has acquired, this beam selection will remain static. Therefore, once alignment is complete, I would recommend bouncing the wireless link to trigger a beam selection in the final aligned state. To bounce the link, perform a dis-association & re-association via the Topology - Links page.

When the link is idle (not transmitting data), the modulation mode will drop to MCS9 and the transmit power will back off. Therefore, following alignment, to gain a realistic picture of power levels and performance vs LINKPlanner, please transmit data across the link.


Do you have the telescope mount from Cambium?

As for the telescope, the generic mounting is designed to fit a number of third party scopes, for example:



So at this point in time, we should be doing a visual alignment only? Is there no “Alignment” page in the GUI or compatibility with cnArcher?

Are there any step-by-step procedures on how to align a client to a Pop and then have it added to the Topology from the perspective of an installer who is accustomed to installing ePMP and 450 CPEs?

Visual alignment, then for fine-tuning I’ve been using the “statistics > links” page on the radio, it updates every few seconds. Not a proper aiming tool, but it’ll do for now.

I want to add for any one reading this that the scope in the link above does not actually fit onto the v3000 at all. We are buying a secondary adapter mount to see if we can finally get it to fit otherwise it wont work. @JackMac how exactly are you guys getting this to fit? The mount is flared out and doesnt slide on or clip to anything on the radio or mount.

You do not use the mount on the finderscope, take that off. You need to use the Cambium Mounting Kit C000000L139A:


The Scope just rests on this and is secured using the O-Rings in the Kit. We did it this way to ensure you can use different types of scope.

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We are planning to deploy a couple of V3000s next week for one of our client. At this point, I understand there is no alignment tool in the WEB GUI (could not find one) and our installers will have to use visual alignment and check statistics of the link… Following this thread for when firmware upgrade will add an alignment option!

@JackMac do you maybe have some more information about when this updated Software will be released? As we are deploying some V3000/V5000 within the next few weeks it would help having alignment help from within the GUI …

thx, bye from Austria

Hi @Andreas_Schnederle-W , Within 1 - 2 weeks.

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@Kiran_Avva - any news on the release? As it’s already over 2 weeks … :wink:

We will probably install / align a couple of V3000s next week. I have hoped that we could use the new feature to support this already …?
I hope it works out :wink:

Thank you, best regards from Tyrol

@Andreas_Schnederle-W - There has been some delay. We are expecting to post on 7th.
In case you need it earlier, please DM me.


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@Andreas_Schnederle-W please find details of the beta here:

cnWave System Release 1.2-Beta-3 has been released

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Please note that you’ll need to join the 60GHz Open Beta group to view that post.