PTP Collocation & Link Aggregation


We installed 2 PTP 550 links with integrated antenna for a short link (100 meters), for a client that wants at least 1 GB full duplex. We enable channel bonding with 80MHz channel for both channels in each radio. One of the radios have some problem in one of the channels bacause link quality and link capacity goes down to low levels, affecting IP PBX calls and data. We thought that is interference problem and frequencies beteween channels are closer, then we changed frequencies and separate them, but the problem persist.

When customer activate link aggregation in the switches then links goes down, and they want to use link aggeration to use capacity of both links as one link, then we need to know what we have to do to activate this feature.

Both radios at each end are in the same mast. We found an option called COLLOCATION, then we would like to know if we have to activated to get a better operation because are two radios in the same mast. Also we need to know if we must to enable GPS sync also but we don't have any synchronization source.


You will need GPS sync such as cnpulse. 2 PTP 550 links 100 meters apart, on same mast, and 80mhz channels are going to cause huge self interference with no sync.

Thanks for your contribution. If we can't get cnPulse, there is another way to resolve it?

Did you know something about link aggregation at the switches to join both links?


Is this LOS? If yes... I'd just hang a 24GHz link and be done with it. Using that much 5GHz spectrum is a waste IMHO.

Eric has a point. You may want to look at some 60Ghz equipment since you want 1Gbps full duplex, and it is such a short shot.