PTP Configuration


I have attempted to configure a PTP link from my office to my boss's residence using a Force 180 as the AP and Force 200 as the SM. There is a clear line of sight which I have aligned to the best of my ability. I can ping and login to the SM from the office. Network Mode; Bridge, SM Mode; TDD (Both AP & SM).

Link Quality (Uplink): 100%

Link Capacity (Uplink): 30 %

Wireless Status: Up

Current RSSI: -76 dBm

Peak RSSI: -75 dBm

My question is how I can improve on this? 

Thanks in Advance

What is the link distance? What channel and channel width are you using? What region are you in?

Depending on your region, different parts of the 5GHz band can have different power limits. You may be using a band that only allows for low power.

Lastly, this topic/question would be better posted in the ePMP forum as your question doesn't seem to be related to cnMaestro in any way.

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