PTP Install on water Tank


Three suggestions...

  1. Try rotating your photos so they're the correct orientation
  2. These looks like they're 820's... you should post them to the PTP Stories section instead of the ePMP section.
  3. If you post these HERE you'll get a free tee shirt!

Can you share any other details on your link? Distance? throughput? band? etc?


Looks good, and looks like you lucked out on the bracket azimuth! 

I'm normally not 'that guy' to be nit-picky about pictures, but as a Certified Climber and Rescue Instructor, I have to point out. Your Y lanyard appears to be an Elk River or similar which is not rated for 'tie back'.  IE, the way you have it looped around the railing and back to itself.  This can cause, among other things, damage to the lanyard via abrasion and possibly prevent it from proper function in the future.  The good news is, since there is a railing you're still OSHA ok from what I can tell, and a fall is a lot less likely, but, none the less, I'm always looking out for my Tower Climbing Dudes, STAY 100!