Ptp Links ( Syncronized or not )

Hi epmp community.

I have to install a couple of Links in towers where I will installa also a couple of sectors to provide services to a set of stations. 

im planing to install Syncronized Aps with 90 degrees sectors ,  but do I need ( or is recommended ) to install synocronized PTP links also.  What is the radio recommendation ? should I use conectorized epmp1000 or Force 110 PtP, there are any pros and cons ?

I need to mention that in link side  I have installled another PtP Link with No sincronized radio, and also i planed to install a second PtP link on the same tower. I mean, i will have three PtP links on the same tower from one side.  And on the other side I will have 1 PtP link with two 90 sectos.

Do i need to buy syncronized Aps or I can use RF shielders to mitigate self interference ?

I hope im explaining well. im attaching a image.


Another question ..   in case of need syncronized radios , both sides mus t be syncronized ?

I'm not an expert by any means, but from my understanding I would think you would only need GPS sync for the AP's that are connecting to other clients, PTMP.

The real advantage is being able to overlap your channels across multiple AP's and those clients being able to utilize the same channel and not interfere with themselves.

Since your PTP links are just that, PTP, you will be able to select any channel available on your spectrm and stick with that one.  Since it's only a PTP the GPS sync is kind of irrelevant because it is only talking with one client anyway, unless your spectrum is overcrowded then that is where GPS sync allows you to reuse those frequencies.

Cambium has has some pretty good webinars about GPS sync and where to utilize it.

I have one tower that is GPS sync'd and one that is not and they are both working pretty well.

I do have a couple of airfibers that are GPS synced, so there may be an advantage there, but I guess every scenario is different.

Thanks Ryo for your comments ,I will take it in account.


Assuming the red lines are PTP and the "pmp" are your 90* sectors.

You'll want to put all 3 masters on that center tower.  Have all of them set to the same duty cycle.  All three would need sync.  I'd suggest the force110 ptp and using the latest firmware you can do so for much less cost.

The cheapeter connectorized SMs are meant for CPEs.  You can use the connectorized APs, however, that's much more expensive with no benefit besides the ability to sync today with released firmware (I believe 2.4.3 is the plan for the force110 ptp sync).

On your PMP radios, just sync them - you'll appreciate it in the long run and it doesn't cost you any more.

Thanks jluthman

Then  I will need three Force110 Links for my PtPs and should i use de GPS Aps for my Sectors , is OK ?

Can I replace the antennas that come with the Force 110 with bigger antenna like de UBNTs 30 Dbi ?

Regards and thanks again.