PTP Model for a link of 300 Km

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I have and issue,
My team and I are working on a project of linking two sites that distant of more or less 300 Km,
we are looking for a PTP model dans can suit need.

Tha ks for your Feedback

Hello sir,

300 Km is almost impossible to be implemented on a terrestrial microwave without a clear line of sight. Can you confirm if you need 300 Km or 30 Km?

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Niragira Olympe

How tall are your towers as expressed in height abovd average terrain? The average curvature of the planet is 6ft in every 10miles as expressed as a drop from the tangent. If you actually work this out, you would need two 700ft towers on each end and approximately 200db of antenna gain. At 5ghz your dish antennas would be 40ft across, 18ft deep and have a wind load of near 50 tons! NASA may be able to help on the antennas.

Now back to reality and not being an a$$ anymore.

Budget aside, break this link down to under 30miles per hop. You can go longer but you will need much bigger antennas.
Link planner does not have any 6ft antennas in it (not that I have found) so you will have to add one manually, consider a radiowaves or mti dish to model. For the distance, I would consider 10GHz if possible, and use dual polarity co-channel tdd unless you need fdd for some reason. Plan your links so that you have a slave - master/master - slave/slave - master/master -slave pattern, this wil save a lot of in field headaches and make synchronizing the timing cheaper and easier. Try to keep an even number of links if possible as each master needs to be sync’d regardless if there is no other radio on the same tower.

Alternatively, can you get close to a fiber node on each end? Most fiber owners have some dark fiber you can lease (best option) or even get transit through (next best option but you share the path with them).