PTP Series Surge Supressor Issues

We have been having issues with the ALPU-ORT surge supressors recommended for the OFDM series of Canopy radios. Acherman and myself have been chatting via PM regarding this issue. The original symptom was that the radio would not power up when the surge supressor was in line. We followed the wiring diagram exactly as specified.

We did some troubleshooting and discovered that we can punch down every single pair of both cables to the supressor with the exception of the green pair. As soon as we attach the green pairs the radio refuses to power and the PC connected to the PIDU does not get an Ethernet link. We took this a step more and punched down the green pair to one side of the surge supressor only (I forget which one) and simply “spliced” the other green pair to the green pair that we punched down. This appeared to power the radio but the Ethernet link from our PC to the PIDU was intermittent. A link would come up, but the IP address of the ODU would not respond to pings. Power cycling the PIDU would intermittenly bring the Ethernet link up and down. Plugging and unplugging the jumper going from the PIDU to the PC would produce the same results.

Are we doing something wrong? Has anyone seen anything like this? I should also mention that when we were troubleshooting this issue we did have the supressor connected to ground.

Any help is highly appreciated.