PTP with SM ePMP100 Force110

Good evening, I need to make a point to point link, currently dispose two SM, two AP and two EPMP AP 110A-525 Dish to build the link.
Will I be able to link to the two SM? The maximum traffic is 50Mbps and distance of 40Km / 25 miles.
I need sync and so I understand the SM does not have sync.

Sorry for my English reduced.

It might be very difficult to get 50mbps @ 40kM / 25 miles using the EPMP AP 110A-525 dishes. There would need to be very little noise on both sides of the link, and you'd need to be in a country that allows for full 30dBm power output. If there is noise and/or if you aren't allowed to run higher TX power, then you may want to consider using a larger/3rd party dish.

All ePMP radios can act as either and AP or SM. If you need sync, you only need to purchase a GPS sync AP or one of the lower-cost GPS-PtP products and the GPS radio only needs to be on one side of the link (the SM doesn't have to support GPS). There are also only a few scenarios in which you'd need GPS sync.

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I need to synchronize the radio because it belongs to a cluster. My question is whether the SM can handle a lot of traffic paq / sec. I can make a link with AP at one end (synchronized) and SM at the other end? Performance will be greatly affected?

The GPS and non-GPS radios use the same Atheros SOC and have the same PPS rating.

YES, you can have the master/AP be a GPS radio, and I'd put it alongside the rest of the radios in your cluster. The SM can be on the far side and does not have to be GPS capable. The GPS AP is the one the determines the frames size, type and timing, which in turn the SM follows... that's why you don't need GPS on the SM side.

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Thank you very much Eric.