PTP200 Reported air delay distances error, post 11.2 upgrade

Hi all,

Thanks for reading this - I am new, but hope to take an active role on the forums once I gain some experience :slight_smile:

Onto my query:
I have noticed that since updating our OFDM PTP54200 radios to the latest 11.2 software, the air delay distance is reported incorrectly on the “Home->General Status” page.
For example, in my office I have two test radios on v11.2 software approx 5m apart, but they are reporting the distance as “approximately 4.477 miles (23641 feet)”. If I downgrade the master radio to 10.5 software or lower, the distances reported on both the 10.5 master and 11.2 slave are correct (approx 0.001 miles). As soon as master is updated to 11.2, the distances on both radios report incorrectly.
I have tried two different PTP54200 radios (both new) and the effect is the same. I have tried radios on v9.5 which have been updated to v10.5 with no issue, but then going to v11.2 results in the problem occuring. I have also tried downgrading the slave to v10.5, but the issue still occurs if the master is on v11.2.
It seems to be related to master radios only, operating v11.2 software.

Has anyone else noticed this issue, or is it just me? :slight_smile:

I’ve checked the release notes for v11.2 and cannot find this in the known bugs list. We are in dialog with Cambium/Moto support, who advised downgrading the set to 10.5 and back up to 11.2, but clearly that doesn’t work.
This measurement is important to us, as the radios are often monitored by our customers, so the readings need to be correct (it doesn’t look good if a 350m roof to roof link is reported as 4.5miles ha ha!).

Many thanks for any assistance & regards, Si