PTP230 and PTP250?

Anyone had a chance to see these or try them out?

The link planner doesn’t have these as options, I wonder if they will be supported soon.

both are LOS only use or at least moto says so, the 230 is basically like the 100 PTPs just with 50 mb data rate agro , the 230 is wifi N :frowning: 40 mhz channel and 200 mb at best agro data rate… in my opinion if you want that kind of speed get a 600, I’m willing to bet much higher PPS, and better at a longer range, plus you get 50% more thru put on 25% less spectrum. and or 600s are 1ms round trip until you get to 200mb or so load or our guys at full thru put then its 2ms lol

I don’t know how the 250 is going to handle under load, but since it is basically wifi N moto style, i wouldn’t except it to keep up with there other big boy backhauls

and the price point my tessco rep told me on the 250s, you might as well get an 800 series and two 100 mb keys. you’ll get the same performance, agro data wise, and your going to spend about 1k more and you get the license benefits, and room to go up to 350 mb full duplex… just my two cents

i gotta eat my words on the price point for the 250, its a little less than 5k msrp. but i haven’t seen anything about timing on these guys, so for me anyway, I’d never pick this backhaul for that reason

PTP250 is wifi based, like Moto says:
“only for short distance and no interference”; is more like for private links, campuses, etc not for operators…

PTP230 is a good one(SM 430 with backhaul software), but I would only use it with 20mbps because of the pps…
its a good point betwin ptp100 and ptp300!!!

The PTP will be more than ok for short links I suspect.

It hasn’t got iDFS but I rarely leave this enabled I always go for fixed freq. No iDFS dosent mean they can’t handle interference.

We have been playing with some Ubuquity N based PBM5s and N seems to work pretty well outdoors.

Hopefully the 250 has the spectrum analyzer tool and statistics page like the orthogons.

Anyway I am going to get my hands one one for testing as we need something like this…been using ligowave MIMO’s and a few other things in that space. Ligowave MIMO is good but don’t like the new lightweight cases where as the 250 comes in the orthogon case.

I think the long and short is if its mission critical go 300-600 or licensed. However I don’t think you could go far wrong with the 250 on a short city link 500 metres or less. I wish they would make an integrated radio with 2 degree antennas rather than the 7 or 8 degree noise catchers that everyone sticks on their radios.


Got my hands on a set of PTP 250’s

It’s like a having a bad dream looking through the user interface.

My advice stick with the PTP 300 – 600.

What’s so bad about them?
Details please!

I just saw them on my office floor it makes me Sad to look at them.

My observation are

1. Need some java plug in to manage them
2. Menu structure try’s to emulate the 300 / 600 but not nice
3. All settings have to be done by a same but different install wizard
4. No spectrum analyzer that’s a deal breaker for me :frowning:
5. Exact same case as 300 / 600 but don’t be fooled
6. units I’ve got have the old rounded corner integrated antenna that was on the smooth enclosure orthogons.
7. Region set to country on first power up
8. No documents or CD in box just a price of paper with the website address
9. POE injectors look quite adequate they seem to pass POE from switch to ODU
10. They come in a pair but with same IP and one needs to be configured as a slave and master.
11. Slightly different install tones
12. Stats very basic and don’t really tell you much
13. First impressions expensive for what they are when compared to other radios in that space

Yet to be deployed but the lack of stats and spectrum view scares me.

That’s it for

little more dissapointed than i spected…but we have to understand that its wifi based, wifi can be modified but still have inherent limitations.
Moto came up with these to compete with very low cost other radios and said “low distance and no interference…”

Next week i will be receiving couple of ptp230, i have my hopes on these ones, they are like SM430 with BH software.
They dont have great pps but think the 20mb agregate will be usefull.

I’m really interested to hear about the PTP230. What the speeds attainable are and the distances you can expect.

Hopefully they will add some features to future firmware releases.

I am not saying the PTP 250 is bad it is just not what I expected. What I did expect was a product that was almost the same as the other PTP radios to operate but with the obvious limitations of using N technology outdoors as opposed to the Proprietary Radios.

I’m not 100 % sure as I’ve packed them away now but I did not see a noise level indication for the operating channel.

For me it is a watch this space thing…

Well, we have a couple of ptp230 up and running…and its just what i spected…!!!
its a SM430 with bh software. I recomend the 20meg version because of the pps

I would suggest rather spend the extra bucks on a PTP300 or 500 if you’re going to use it for anything important like for high sites etc. I just made the painfull mistake of replacing an old PTP400 with a PTP250 and the performance hit I took were horible. Link quality seems to go belly up on the slightest of interferance , there’s also no spectrum annalizer and very little other tools for doing any form of troubleshooting on them… In my opinion it’s the worst product motorla has out there currently… but this might just be my frustration talking now :slight_smile:

I installed a PTP 250 integrated today and can report the following:

01-02 software I notice there is 01-03 available

525 metre link

99 db link loss

-89 noise floor on 5.8 according to status page

5.4 non event as unit would go straight into Radar CAC when disarming install mode then eventually say no available channels

Seems to drop the odd packet when set to use max modulation mode on this link 5.8 band with 13dbm max tx

We are using a PTP230 for a real close link (less than half a mile) but so far no problems.
Software is basically same as a PTP100 and we’re getting 24Mbps down and 24Mbps up link tests.

I think that is the thing about the PTP 250 it is not Orthogon and it is not Canopy I’m not sure exactly what it is.

It is 2011 the PTP 500/600 should be priced much more reasonably otherwise Moto / Cambium PTP will be left behind. There is no doubt these things are the best unlicensed product on the market but I can go and buy a licensed link for less, get 3 times the throughput and no worry.